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Buying Hair Extensions Online

I am here to talk to you about this idea that I have in my head. Many of you know not only from my previous review but from follow me on different social networks that I have changed my hair extensions and it’s been changed for about a good week now. They contacted me, they let me pick what type of hair extensions they would send and what type of hair I wanted to review. MyBrazilianHair sent me these Brazilian wavy hair extensions in the lengths two bundles of 20 inches and one bundle of 18 inches. It came packaged extremely nicely.

When I got the hair extensions I dyed it black and then I dyed black which has already started to turn a little bit brown but I barely have any left at the top. I have almost all those bundles I expect just a tiny bit of amount that’s not in there, and then I have a silk base closure from a My Brazilian Hair company.

hair extensions

myBrazilian Hair Extensions

Firstly I got my hair extensions from myBrazilianHair Virgin Hair Extensions company because I’m love with silk base closures and they’re the most realistic type of closures in my opinion, so that’s why I continue to wear that instead of doing stuff so besides that. This is loving hair company here that I got through an AliExpress hair extensions company that’s the name of the company through AliExpress. I will put the link and the information you need about this company below.

So How are the Hair Extensions?

What I think so far about this hair is that it’s going to be great. You can tell from the way it looks in this video it has a very great quality. It has a lot of shin, it has has a lot, a lot of body. That’s what I really love about it the most. It’s really light weight but has tonnes of body at the same time which gives it a realistic look in my opinion. There’s no tangling, I can run my fingers right through it and I haven’t experienced so much shading at all.

Let’s see, I just got one strand, one of my fingers through that and that’s the type of shading if you’re going to get any shading at all that you want. You want one or two strands occasionally but you don’t want 5 or 6 strands and 20 strands every time you’re styling your hair and running your fingers through it.

Impressions Never Last Right

We all know that first impressions about hair companies can change and I’m hoping that this is not the case with this hair company because right now I’m in love. Like I said I’ve been wearing it for about a week now and I have just all great thoughts about it to be honest.

Finding decent Hair Extensions online can be tough, but it can be done.

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