How to Choose Your Perfect Swimwear

Recreational activities are a must to bring down the stress we go through in our everyday life. And what are recreation activities without water? Nothing! This brings a fear in the minds of most women because they have to choose swimwear that suits. Do not worry. Here is the guide to find the perfect suiting swimwear for you based on your body shape available at

Pear Shaped


If you are pear shaped, there is a high probability that you avoid wearing swimwear with unflattering top or bottom. But with unique cutaway styles, there are swimwear which help to hide your wide hips at the same time accentuating your small waist. Now look sexy without being conscious. Check out Venus Queen collections.

Big Chested

For women with big chests, it is the best to look for swimwear with structure. It is better to go with swimwear with tonal prints and shirred waist. The shirred waist and tonal prints that are subtle keeps away the unwanted stare off the chest. Another option would be a straight cut skirt which balances the bust and the waist.

Small Busted


If you are small busted, they option would be to go with polka-dot bikinis. It helps to make feel that your legs start way high on your waist. A strapped neckline and padded style would be apt to enhance the small bust. There are crisscross tied swimwear which would also go great for small busted women. The shoulders and chest can be emphasized by the use of swimwear with asymmetrical straps. But the best option would always be to go with padded style swimwear as it is the easiest way to enhance the bust.

Plus Sized


Plus sized women are the ones who are most afraid of swimwear. If given a choice, they would always try to shun away from getting into the water. But fear no more. features a great collection to choose from. It is the best choice to go for one piece, with solid colors with interesting designs. Getting your hands on the one which emphasizes the cleavage would be a good idea.


If you have an athletic body type, the best choice of swimwear would be the ones that bring out femininity. With a range of athletic swimwear available at, you are on a sure shot way to fins what you are looking for. An hourglass swimwear with shirred midriff and gathered bust would help to bring out the feminine part from an athletic body.