DIY Wheelchair Fixtures


Below we have a number of the tricks and hacks designed by incapacitated folks and their assemblage to help them maintain their own wheelchairs

The DIY community isn’t simply curious about self-replicating 3D printers. It’s packed with resources to adapt the foremost daily atmosphere of incapacitated folks. To urge a concept of their vary, let’s take a glance at designer valley Hougan’s Pinterest, that documents solutions found on the net for wheelchair DIY hacks.

There we discover straightforward solutions similar to lawn tennis balls to muffle the squeak of the walker, double straps to mount a pill on your thigh (particularly for those with muscular dystrophy), or a foam tube slit lengthwise to carry enjoying cards.

These DIY hacks show that incapacitated folks don’t wait around for someone else to search out solutions to their daily issues. Karenic Bourne, a painter WHO suffers from MS, made-up associate degree adjustive painting brush: insulating foam (used for plumbing), brushes and glue are all it takes to adapt the comb for folks with restricted motor skills (due to inflammatory disease, MS or muscular dystrophy).

DIY Straw Holder


The same idea is applied to the DIY straw holder, that permits somebody to drink from a cup while not holding it. The clothespin-straw resolution shared by Your medical aid supply, a blog dedicated to paediatric therapy, could be a two-minute fix:

Glue a locality of an outsized straw to a fastener, then slide in an exceedingly commonplace straw and clip it onto the cup. Extremely helpful for each incapacitated folks and little children.

Tailored Door Handle

DIY resources for incapacitated folks abound on blogs by therapists and physically challenged people, similar to a tailored door handle, primarily based (again!) on a chunk of insulating foam tube with a mini-lever which will be pushed down with the carpus or elbow, as seen on Pediastaff.

A Camera in an Chair


Canadian organization Characid Society connects volunteers and incapacitated folks so as to resolve specific issues with DIY solutions. Parenthetically, Dwight Atkinson’s good fix permits somebody in an exceedingly high chair to use a camera, aswell as a metameric agent hose hooked up to a sleeve that slips onto the chairs arm. The volunteer conjointly adds a rubber image framing bumper to the shutter button. This works wonders.

We may continue this DIY inventory of handicap hacks, as resources are hardly lacking… Instead we’ll conclude this tiny tour with an additional “serious” hack. These are a bit more advanced, however I would recommend them to anyone.

Xbox Controller Fixed to a 3D Printer

The first tells the moving story of maker Caleb kraft paper, WHO was distressed to be told someday that Thomas, a young friend stricken by genetic abnormality, would now not be ready to pay hours on Minecraft, his favorite interest, as a result of most controllers are designed with buttons that are not possible to use by folks with such a malady. He began by developing a memory board model announce on Hackaday, before making an ardent web site to share techniques and different solutions, whereas launching a joystick hack contest… and eventually designed an easy very little piece of 3D-printed plastic that attaches to a joystick (model and files ar on Thingiverse). This virtually universal adapter (PS3 and XBox share the games on the market) is that the fruit of many months of collective and participation contributions.